I first met Paul over 8 years ago and had no prior experience with structured exercise sessions and found the prospect of personal training quite daunting. Paul eased my fears through his incredible knowledge and has taken me on a journey that has empowered me to not only reap the benefits of regular personalised training but to enjoy the process as well. The workouts are never more than you can handle but just enough to keep you progressing towards your goals. If you are looking for a professional and thoroughly enjoyable personal training experience that gets you results and enables you to live healthier for the rest of your life, Paul will not disappoint. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t meet Paul sooner!
Lady Dartmouth
My husband, John Storkerson and I have trained with Paul for 10 years! With no reservations whatsoever, this is the best health – physical and mental – decision we have made. He has developed a flexible training programme based on our individual needs, is encouraging and motivational and truly inspirational. A very special coach and person!
Kay Ellen Consolver
The biggest compliment that I can pay Paul is that I’m Looking, feeling and moving better than I ever thought possible. I’ve been training with Paul for over 5 years now and it still amazes me how he can continually keep my training fresh, challenging and fun. While you are working hard, Paul is right there with you every step of the way going above and beyond what one expects from their personal trainer.
Marty Wikstrom
Paul is as much a Life Coach as a Personal Trainer. He creates a variety of goal-based exercises and purposeful long-term training sessions that are designed to unlock both physical and mental objectives. After two years of working with Paul he's improved my agility, speed, mental toughness, stamina and patience. He is able to clearly communicate the WHY to everything we do in our sessions by dragging out the parallels of day-to-day life and demonstrating the benefits of our training. Almost all of our work together has short-term targets but more importantly we are always building toward some long-term summit to climb in 3 or 6 months. I've been very satisfied with what we have accomplished together so far.
Nizar Al Bassam
I’ve been training with Paul for two years now, initially to loose weight. Not only has Paul helped me shift the pounds, he’s also managed to get me interested in exercise, keep me working out and maintain my fitness levels, for which I’m hugely grateful. Our sessions are fun, intensive and motivational!
Doug Wade
To speak about Paul's competence, professionalism and effective training is unnecessary - this one can find out for themselves in the first session. What I can say after more than 10 years of seeing him 3 times a week is that he is 100% reliable, committed to your well being, good natured and a pleasure to be with.
Paul certainly walks the talk when it comes to health and fitness. He lives and breathes it. It never ceases to amaze me how much he knows. I couldn’t recommend Paul more highly.
Stefano Adorno
Paul is an extremely good trainer. The sessions are always challenging but realistic and although you work hard he makes it feel like fun. I'm a lot stronger and people have commented on the improvement in my posture. At the weekend I often "buddy up" with a friend for training sessions with Paul in what is now known as the "Saturday Morning Posse". He is extremely professional while feeling like a friend. He really cares about your progress and his knowledge of exercise physiology is Impressive. Highly recommend.
Pam Garside
I’ve been training on a regular basis for over 25 years but thought I would use Paul to fine-tune my training program. I honestly thought I knew a lot but upon meeting Paul I now realize that he has probably forgotten more about health and fitness than I have ever known. It’s amazing what you can achieve with optimal training, dietary and lifestyle prescription. I really appreciate the way Paul can make complex information simple and have enjoyed so many “ah ha that’s so bloody obvious moments”. I’ve completely changed the way I think about diet and fitness and have no doubt that I will continue on this path for the rest of my life. What’s even more interesting is that I’m actually training less frequently than before but with more intensity and the results are fantastic. I’m fitter, stronger and leaner than I’ve ever been.
James Males